Berserk fan art by Vee Chayakul (Vee209).

"More like the luck of the devil."


just doing some shopping


Happy birthday July! (07/20)

Happy birthday, baby! I really suck at making photosets, but I wanted to make one of Guts and dedicate it to you. I love you, and you’re really cute, and I’m glad we became friends. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and enjoy this little gift from me to you! (˘ᵋ ˘ )


Guts and Puck are my life blood.


these are more than I’ve ever wanted

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"I'd forgotten. I just stock that thing on me to beat down my enemies. It was just a clump of iron in the end. So easily... she slipped away. Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, i guess... it doesn't mean it will be back to normal."

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Fuck yes I found the wallpaper I lost.


I’ll Never Forgive (AU Casca) by Lipatov