Posting a compilation of these things I made because I feel it’s appropriate.

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when u think ur good at something and then someone one-ups ya and ya realize you’ll never be as good as they are and u just

real talk

Who has tips for posting high quality images on tumblr?

Cause most of the ones I post are, except they look like crap unless you actually click on them. 

Who don't believe in anything

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Chapter 334 is happening.


I was bored, so I made a couple of icons from some screencaps I have. Feel free to use.


Guts is a Fairy type Pokemon. His lineage is hinted to have something to do with fairies like Puck, he’s strong against Dark types (demons), and he carries a sword called Dragonslayer.

I rest my case. Canon.



But in the end, it will all boil down back to love